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Life Competencies for Adolescents - Head Work

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This training manual serves as a practical guide for adolescents, equipping them with the skills to face the present and future challenges of life effectively. It advocates and seeks active involvement of all sections of society-educational institutions, voluntary organisations, and civil society-in the holistic development and growth of adolescents into confident, responsible and productive citizens of the country. Some of the salient features of the manual are:

- Wide scope: The manual covers a wide range of life competencies for the holistic growth and development of adolescents

- Modular approach: Though the programme proposed by the manual is a holistic, comprehensive package, each module can also be used independently. The user agencies can, thus, choose any number of modules that are applicable for their target group.

- Ready-to-use format: The manual is inclusive in all aspects. It has notes for facilitators and other users, special exercises and instruments and step-by-step approach for the conduct of these exercises.

- Notes on the modules: The manual includes detailed notes on each module that cover wide-ranging sub-topics and issues.

- CD companion: The manual comes with a CD that contains all the exercises along with supplementary material.

Apart from the key users, who would be secondary schools and voluntary organisations working for adolescents, this manual will also serve as an insightful read for parents, adolescents themselves and professionals working in related fields.

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