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Factors Conditioning the Autonomy of Patients in Decision-Making Processes in Clinical Settings - Head Work

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This book explores the factors that determine and influence the quality of care in clinical setting from the perspective of understanding the decision-making capacity of patients. It looks at the nurse’s relationship with the patient, including the implications of this relationship in nursing practice; the relationship of the nurse with the family; interprofessional relationships within the health team and their influence on the clinical practice of nurses; and the nurse's relationship with the health system and its influence on patient-family care.

The volume will guide managers of health organizations to establish programs and policies that reduce the negative effects of current management on health teams. These changes will improve the quality of care, and increase the autonomy of patients in decision-making.

Author Biography

Jesús Molina holds a PhD in Biosciences from the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy. He is also a nurse and clinical documentalist, and holds Master’s degrees in Methodology of Research in Health Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, and Bioethics. He is currently Editor of NURE-Investgación and a member of the editorial boards of Ética de los Cuidados, American Journal of Family Medicine and Community Health, and Journal of General Medicine. He is an evaluator of the Commission for Continuing Education of the Health Professions of the Balearic Islands, and Director of the Balearic Research Group on Nursing in Drug Addiction.
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