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Geography of Crime in China since the Economic Reform of 1978 - Head Work

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China has seen dramatic social changes since the Economic Reform of 1978; however, the economic upsurge and rapid urbanization present a two-edged sword, with the consequence of more challenging crime problems.

This book presents an analysis of criminal issues in China from a geographic perspective, utilizing both spatio-temporal analysis and qualitative techniques at multiple spatial and temporal scales. It pays particularly close attention to a pilot study in Shenzhen city, testing the applicability of theories developed in Western society to the Chinese context.

As such, this book is not merely a piece of research work, but rather a systematic overview of Chinese national crime issues.

Author Biography

Dr Yijing Li has ten years’ experience of involvement in research studies on urban safety issues, and is especially interested in topics relevant to urbanization. She received her Master’s degree from Peking University, before going on to obtain her PhD from the University of Cambridge. She has published a number of articles in academic journals, and presented papers at various international conferences. Dr Li is a recipient of the “Hong Kong Research Grant” from the Royal Geographical Society, and has also been received by Her Majesty in 2011 as a representative of graduates in St John’s College, Cambridge. She is currently a Lecturer on Urban Safety and Emergency Management in the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, delivering lectures to senior Chinese and foreign officials, and is also an experienced translator and interpreter in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. She is the author, in collaboration with Dr Peng Chen, of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (in Chinese).
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