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This original study is the first major critical appraisal of Ireland’s post-colonial experience in relation to that of other emergent nations. The parallels between Ireland, India, Latin America, Africa and Europe establish bridges in literary and musical contexts which offer a unique insight into independence and freedom, and the ways in which they are articulated by emergent nations. They explore the master-servant relationship, the functions of narrative, and the concepts of nationalism, map-making, exile, schizophrenia, hybridity, magical realism and disillusion. The author offers many incisive answers to the question: What happens to an emerging nation after it has emerged?

Author Biography

Richard Pine’s books include authoritative studies of Lawrence Durrell, Brian Friel, broadcasting in Ireland and Irish musical history. A former consultant to the Council of Europe on cultural development programmes, he writes frequently on Greek affairs for the international press. He is the founder of the Durrell School of Corfu, where he lives.
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