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This book is a collection of the papers presented and discussed at the 11th Corpus Linguistics Symposium (ELC 2012), held at the Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science) of the University of São Paulo, at São Carlos, Brazil. The sessions addressed the following six topics: Corpus Linguistics and Language Description; Translation, Terminology and Corpora; Spoken Language and Corpora; Natural Language Processing and Corpora; Corpus Annotation; and Corpora and Multiple Documents.

These unique studies will inspire readers with an interest in Linguistics, and will provide motivation for conducting further research in the interdisciplinary area of Language Technologies and Linguistic Research.

Author Biography

Sandra Maria Aluisio has been a Professor of Computer Science at the University of São Paulo since 1988. She has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, specifically, in Natural Language Processing, from the University of São Paulo. She teaches and supervises theses and dissertations at the same university in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence in Education, using, mainly, the machine learning approach. Her research efforts focus on corpus linguistics, PoS tagging, the automatic adaptation of Portuguese texts, semantic role labeling and semantic resources, the automatic detection of discourse structure, scientific writing tools, automatic term extraction, and computer adaptive testing.Stella E. O. Tagnin earned all her degrees at the University of São Paulo, where she was a Professor of English Language for over 30 years. Although retired, she is still active in two post-graduate programs: English Language and Translation Studies. She supervises theses and dissertations in Corpus Linguistics applied to Translation, Terminology and Teaching English as a Second Language. Her current research areas are corpus linguistics, phraseology, translation, Brazilian cooking terminology, and verbal collocations.
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