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This book is about the aesthetic, philosophical and cultural aspects of the integration of live action and animation. It argues that, even in the digital era, when the integration of live action and animation becomes progressively seamless, their differences and dialogues are still a significant source of the evolution of cinematic language. It also deals with the meeting between the West and East, and the methodology of interweaving the roles of practitioner and theorist. Through the operation of materiality, and the manoeuvre of estrangement, this study explores the liminal experiences embedded in the combination of heterogeneous elements in filmmaking, as well as those found in a world favouring interdisciplinary cross-breeding and globalisation.

Author Biography

Fabia Ling-Yuan Lin is a Lecturer in Filmmaking and Communication at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. She holds a PhD in the Arts from Loughborough University, UK. Having originally studied in natural ecology and children’s literature, Lin began making films in 2000 when she was a full-time reporter at a TV Station. Originally focusing on nature documentary, her work extended to popular science programmes, advertisement using special effects, and hand-drawn animation. Much of her creative work has been screened at international festivals. Her current work and research reflect an interest in the status and metaphor of the “inbetweener”.
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