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Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Contemporary and Historical Human Challenges brings together a range of original contributions that seek to critically interrogate the concept of ‘crisis’, a seemingly omnipresent and defining metonym of our times. Both international and interdisciplinary in perspective, the leading doctoral scholars and early-career researchers represented in this volume unsettle hegemonic notions of crisis (and possible remedies) by exploring both a very wide range of extant crises (in and of politics, economics, communities, technologies, urban policy, literary representation, media studies, language learning, nationalisms and national identity, and the legitimation of the state), as well as the roots of our contemporary understandings of crisis and the politics of ‘crisis representation’. The book is broadly divided into two sections, ‘Politics and Society’ and ‘Arts, Media and Humanities’.

Originating in the University of Salford Arts, Media and Social Sciences Postgraduate Research Conference of 2010, Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety provides both an accessible and wide-ranging general introduction to various applications of the concept of crisis, as well providing a more specialist resource for students exploring crisis in one of the many disciplinary fields represented in this collection. Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety will be of particular interest to students with interdisciplinary interests that encompass cultural studies, literary theory, media studies, politics, sociology and urban studies.

Author Biography

Will Jackson is Lecturer in Social Science at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.Dr Bob Jeffery is Lecturer in Sociology at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.Mattia Marino teaches Italian and European Literature at Bangor University, UK.Tom Sykes is a doctoral candidate in Popular Music at the University of Salford, UK.
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