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Crime Over Time features original contributions from some of Australia’s most respected criminologists and historians. The book marries these two disciplines to offer a unique examination of crime and deviance over more than 200 years of Anglo-Australian history. This innovative compilation explores the intriguing ways in which Australian crime has evolved and the pioneering ways criminal justice agencies have dealt with offenders. The topics investigated range from colonial bushranging to terrorist attacks, along with emerging forms of criminal activity, such as cybercrime. The book also highlights the social construction of crime by using case studies, including the way that homosexual activity was policed in earlier times. The collection provides an engaging and thorough examination of the historical factors that have shaped crime and punishment and its contemporary context.

Author Biography

Robyn Lincoln is Assistant Professor in Criminology at Bond University, Queensland, Australia. She is co-author of Jean Lee: The Last Woman Hanged in Australia, Justice in the Deep North and Crime on my Mind. In addition to university teaching and research, Robyn has experience in academic publishing as Senior Editor at Aboriginal Studies Press and Managing Editor of several scholarly journals. Her research centres on issues of Indigenous crime and justice and the new field of forensic criminology, including miscarriages of justice and the naming and shaming of youth involved in criminal proceedings.Shirleene Robinson is Assistant Professor of History at Bond University, Queensland, Australia. She is the author of Something like Slavery? Queensland’s Aboriginal Child Workers, 1842–1945, the co-author of Speaking Out: Stopping Homophobic and Transphobic Abuse in Queensland and the editor of Homophobia: An Australian History. She has previously taught at the University of Queensland, where she gained her PhD, and the University of Wales (Lampeter). Her research interests include histories of crime and punishment, race and gender, and sexuality. She is currently working on a project on HIV/AIDS and community formation in Australia’s past.
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