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Supervision in Educational, Social and Medical Services Professions - Head Work

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Supervision in Educational, Social and Medical Services Professions investigates both theoretical and practical aspects of stress, burnout and brain-drain; the need for supervision; the benefits of professional supervision; and the most common types of supervision; and provides a definition of the supervisor and their role in educational, social and medical professions. The book also presents quantitative research on a sample of 400 professionals (educators, medical assistants, psychologists, and social workers), aimed at identifying the need for supervision, the understanding and acceptance level of supervision, the advantages of supervision, as well as the burnout and brain-drain levels of professionals supplying direct services to their clients. The book is the result of a postdoctoral grant and will appeal to a wide range of professionals such as social workers, psychologists, medical assistants and doctors, teachers, researchers, as well as to all those interested in the field of social work and willing to develop professionally and personally.

Author Biography

Patricia-Luciana Runcan currently teaches at the Social Work Department of the West University in Timişoara. She holds a degree in Sociology from the same University and a degree in Law from Tibiscus University of Timişoara, Romania. She received her PhD in Sociology from the West University in Timişoara. She is the main organiser of the Social Work Symposium and of the International Conference of Applied Social Sciences. Since October 2011, she has been a Post-Doctorate Research Fellow in Social Work at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iaşi, Romania. She has published extensively in Romanian and international journals and she has authored and co-authored ten books in the field of social work, including Social Workers Face to Face with Their Clients (2006), Social Work: Family and Child (2008), Child Protection in Romania (2009), The National System of Social Work (2009), Successful Scientific Paper in Humanities (2010), The Case Management Method (2011), and Depression in the Elderly (2013).
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