Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People

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Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People - Head Work

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This book presents cutting-edge empirical and theoretical research on the role of Critical Pedagogy in transforming sexuality education. Featuring the work of scholars from around the globe including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Finland, this unique collection of work expands the meaning of pedagogy in the field of sexuality education by augmenting young people’s voices and agency, and by emphasizing a democratic and civic focus. This volume identifies and interrogates theoretical frameworks based on critical theory and critical pedagogical discourses, cross-cultural studies and critical literacy, to offer new ways to conceptualize critical pedagogy in sexuality education. Many of the practical classroom applications presented will engage educators and classroom teachers in the areas of curriculum design, classroom pedagogies and institutional reform. They can also applied to the formulation and implementation of more effective policies for sexuality education involving schools, community groups, and students. The chapters in this volume interrogates texts, institutions, social relations and ideologies impacting on contemporary sexuality education policies and pedagogical practices, prompting a consideration on alternative models of sexuality education for today’s globalized age.
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