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A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Finisterre - Head Work

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In their search for a deeper meaning to life and to balance the stress and anxiety of most Western lifestyles, increasing numbers are taking time out to go on a pilgrimage. Many of them choose the most famous pilgrim's route, the Camino de Santiago. But more and more continue from Santiago to the ocean or return to Santiago for this next pilgrimage. In fact the number of pilgrims along this path has increased tenfold over the past decade to an average of 44,000 per annum. This guidebook contains: Daily stage maps including contour guides Full information on all pilgrim hostels Details of alternative accommodation Numerous colour photographs Overview route planner Detailed town plans Notes to help us prepare for the outer and the inner journey The guide is, also, easy to use, featuring detailed, colour maps and clear directions and is of a size that can be carried comfortably in a pocket so as to reduce unnecessary weight on the journey. There is, also, detailed information throughout the book, from preparation for the trip to returning home afterwards as well as historical notes and details of the fascinating legends and mythology of finis-terre, considered to be the end of the world in the 15th century.
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