Write Therapy

Using the power of writing to heal the past and create a life you want

by Christina Christou

Write Therapy is a self-help book using the easily accessible art of writing, namely journalling and writing affirmations to heal from trauma including depression and grief and assist in changing our thoughts to attract a more desirable life. The journalling techniques within this book can help to clear my mind, to find clarity, to connect with angels. As a spiritual mentor and crystal healer, Christina Christou uses concepts of mindfulness and Law of Attraction to bring healing and encourages the fusion of a psychological and the holistic approach involving mind, body and emotions. Christina shares how through writing our blurb , which is how we talk about ourselves to others, we can become aware of how we are thinking. She shows how thoughts become words and words becoming our reality. In the the last chapter, Christou shows how we can change our life by Writing a new story with our new thoughts and beliefs.
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