Women On A Wobble

A Practical Guide for Women Over 40

by Fi Ivin

Changing life roles can lead to an almost traumatic crisis of identity for many women. After a nasty redundancy, a high flying client felt empty and useless, pessimistic about her future career. A news article featured the wives of wealthy men marooned in their large house and self medicating with shopping, alcohol etc. to ease their loneliness and boredom as children become increasingly independent and their sense of value and purpose slipped away. Some women are in danger of losing everything that is important to them such as loved ones, families or careers, often leaving a trail of hurt and destruction behind them. Others quietly put up with their changing life roles, sliding into various degrees of depression without even realising it and occasionally wondering 'Who am I? What is life about?' en route.This book is a practical, fun drive through many of the issues which create a wobble. Having trained and re-trained in various skills, psychological and coaching tools, I've taken those that bring most lasting change and assembled them into a three-step process to guide you through your own transformation. It is the result of seventeen years of working with hundreds of women and my own experiences of working through life's wobbles to find that moment when it seems like a light has gone on in a darkened room.
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