The Books of the Five Book 2

by S F Burgess


This is the second book in the Epic Fantasy series The Books of the Five, a five book series where the protagonists are dragged from our own world to Mydren.  This is a world of magic where they must fight against the despotic lords of Mydren in a quest to free the people from tyranny.  Each book progresses the story and focuses on each of the five main characters in turn.

This book is the second in the series and focuses on Will, the avatar of Water.


Book Summary:

"Often the scars that grieve us the most are the ones we carry deep inside."

Hammered with determination and paid for in blood, the connection that binds Will to Conlan and his fellow Avatars has finally been forged and the Five are beginning to discover the extent of their staggering potential.

Now these living embodiments of elemental magic pose a threat that the despotic Lords of Mydren cannot ignore. With all the resources at their disposal, the hunt for the Five has begun in earnest.

With Conlan's army growing, the time has come for them to cease fleeing and begin their battle for the heart and soul of Mydren. Yet for Will there is only one goal: to see Conlan crowned king, thus securing the future of those he loves.

The task of guiding Conlan and his comrades through the oncoming battles will require every last ounce of Will's guile but he has secrets of his own that threaten everything the united powers of the Five represent.

With time running out, does Will have the strength to face the encroaching darkness alone?

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Author Biography

Sara Burgess lives in Manchester with her long-suffering husband, her beloved bear-dog Sweep and three cats: Frodo, Gandalf and Gimli. She has lived in Florida, Spain and France and has at different times in her life been a video shop assistant, bank clerk, school teacher, supermarket till worker, hotel receptionist, bookshop assistant, archaeologist, software trainer and she currently works as an Intranet Evangelist to pay for her first love: writing. In her infrequent spare time she enjoys the movies, opera, bike-riding, reading and hanging out at DaVinci's with the 'crew'.

Bibliographic Information
  • English
  • 9780957699649
  • United Kingdom
  • Ebook
  • Pages: 578
  • Jojosala Publishing Ltd
  • Readership: College/Tertiary Education
  • Publish State: Self-Published
  • Illustration: Two grayscale maps
  • Series: The Books of the FIve
  • Series Part: 2