Why Women Will Save the Planet


Women's empowerment is critical to environmental sustainability, isn't it? When Friends of the Earth asked this question on Facebook half of respondents said yes and half said no, with women as likely to say no as men. This collection of articles and interviews, from some of the leading lights of the environmental and feminist movements, demonstrates that achieving gender equality is vital if we are to protect the environment upon which we all depend. It is a rallying call to environmental campaigning groups and other environmentalists who have, on the whole, neglected women's empowerment in their work.We hope that the book will encourage the environmental movement and women's movement to join in fighting the twin evils of women's oppression and environmental degradation, because social justice and environmental sustainability are two sides of the same coin.

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Featuring contributions from some of the leading lights of the women’s rights and environmental movements, this work from Friends of the Earth serves as a rallying call for environmental movements, demonstrating that the fight for women's empowerment should be an integral part of the struggle for a sustainable society.


‘This book is a wake-up call for the environmental movement. It shows conclusively that women’s empowerment is essential to achieving environmental sustainability. This has been a blind-spot for us for far too long. Under my leadership, I am determined that Friends of the Earth will take this issue seriously, build campaigning alliances with women's groups and mainstream gender equality throughout our work.' Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth ‘You can’t save the planet without equality … We need a new economics informed by the larger picture, an economy that puts women and the Earth at the centre. Vandana Shiva ‘Hope is a potent catalyst. And while our failure to adequately appreciate and guard against ecological destruction fills me with frustration, my hope is not meek or weak. It is urgent and raging. It’s a hope that believes a better world – away from cyclical war, the annihilation of the earth’s treasures and the grinding down of the poor – is possible.’ Caroline Lucas MP

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For more than forty years Friends of the Earth has seen that the well-being of people and planet go hand in hand – and it’s been the inspiration for our campaigns. Together with thousands of people like you we’ve secured safer food and water, defended wildlife and natural habitats, championed the move to clean energy and acted to keep our climate stable. This book forms part of our three-year research project Big Ideas Change the World, which aims to inspire a new campaigning journey for Friends of the Earth and others. It is collaboratively researching ten topics, including the future of cities, innovation, women’s empowerment and the history of change. It starts from the premise that humans are ingenious and have enormous capacity for collaboration and empathy, even though right now we are doing some pretty stupid things. Big Ideas Change the World will identify what needs to change to focus some of humanity’s amazing abilities on solving the challenges we face and building a brighter future for everyone. Find out more and get involved at www.foe.co.uk/bigideas

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  • Pub date: December 2015
  • English
  • 9781783605798
  • United Kingdom
  • Paperback
  • Primary Price: 9.99 GBP
  • Pages: 304
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