Nothing is more dangerous than an idea…

by Chris Bruegger, Jiri Scherer


Creative - instructive- innovative: Chris Brügger and Jiri Scherer show, that it is not only a matter of “Fate” to be creative, but also a matter of training. The authors guide the reader through a book full of pictures and a lovely layout to more creative power.“Think-Engine" deals with the various facets of creativity. It is many things in one: a textbook, a reference work, an inspiration, a personal trainer, a motivator, and an encourager. It is a book that should be not only instructive, but also hopefully a lot of fun. Scattered through all four parts of the book you will find interviews with creative minds from the culture and business worlds. You’ll also find exciting and insightful conversations with writers, designers, and entrepreneurs who build a bridge between theory and practice. The book is divided into four parts: Suction, Compression, Ignition, Output. The first part, Suction, offers a playful approach to the topic: What is creativity? How does our brain work? The second part, Compression, is concerned with the question of how to turn the knowledge of creativity into a “weapon” which can be used in a targeted and effective manner. The third part, Ignition, provides an introduction to selected creativity techniques: semantic intuition, brainwriting, Osborn’s checklist, ... The fourth part, Output, shows the way from a creative idea to innovation, from prototype to the finished product.

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“A marvelous book. Intelligent and useful, visually playful and to the point, Think Engine shows how creativity works. Whoever buys and reads the book will pick it up again and again.” - Magazine Management Book  “Regardless of whether the ideas have fizzled out or just won’t come, Chris Brügger and Jiri Scherer can help with the constructive process about emerging and developing creative input in visual and varied ways. […] The book isn’t only interesting for professionally creative folks. For those who don’t consider themselves creative, it is a guidebook to big ideas. […] Thanks to vivid graphics, illustrations, and new excursions, surprises await the reader that should encourage him to think creatively. At the end, even the creatively-inexperienced reader can successfully juggle several new developed ideas, asking himself which of them to implement first.” Büchermagazin 2014

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  • Pub date: September 2014
  • 9783869365978
  • Germany
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 192
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Published
  • Dimensions: 22,0 x 16,0 cm
  • Illustration: Illustrations, 4C,