The Team Bible

The practice book for successful teamwork

by Svenja Hofert, Thorsten Visbal

The first comprehensive guide that considers all relevant aspects of teamwork This book is for people who want to manage or lead teams: They can be leaders, but also volunteer group leaders, trainers, and presenters. How do groups work? How do they make decisions? When do groups increase performance and when do they hamper progress? Which tasks are easy to solve as a team and which tasks should be solved alone? The „Team Bible“ gives answers to all aspects of teamwork. In the first part of the book, we learn what we need to know if we want to manage teams and interact in teams. We will learn what‘s going on when people come together and form a group voluntarily or involuntarily. In the second part, the book provides a comprehensive tool box for typical challenges involved when leading a team. The reader gets solutions to everyday challenges of team leaders. The book covers the following issues: lack of power, bullying, conflict, and other „malfunctions“ of the team, as well as skill development, motivation, fun, creativity, and goal orientation.
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Author Biography

Svenja Hofert is the founder of Career Experts Academy and author of more than 30 books; she has also been an advisor, a coach, and a trainer for more than fifteen years, working with businesses, individuals, and teams. She focuses on potential and new working environments. Thorsten Visbal has worked for more than fifteen years as a trainer and consultant for teams. He specializes in assisting growing companies and the facilitation of teams. Whether Open Space or Leadership: His topics are structure, planning, and efficiency.

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Bibliographic Information
  • Pub date: March 2015
  • German
  • 9783869366326
  • DE
  • Hardback
  • Pages: 260
  • Readership: Professional and Scholarly
  • Publish State: Unpublished
  • Dimensions: 23,0 x 15,6 cm