The Scroll

Arriving in Paris on business, technical troubleshooter Maggie Purcell finds time to head for the flea market, where she discovers the perfect souvenir for her terminally-ill sister, Beth. An ancient scroll, mysteriously wrapped with the gift, catapults Maggie and her co-worker Reeve Hawkins into a world of kidnap and pursuit after the shopkeeper falls victim to a brutal murder. The action jets from Europe to the USA, and then to the Middle East, the apparent origin of the scroll, where the pursuers make it clear they will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Maggie and Reeve fi nd themselves menaced by those who would take back the scroll and at odds with each other over what could prove to be a Dead Sea Scroll. Could the scroll be traced back to the time of Jesus Christ? What is His connection to it? What secrets does it hide? The Scroll is an intelligent, fast-paced thriller by a bright new talent, Cat LeDévic.
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