The Power of Personality

How Introverts and Extroverts can Combineto Amazing Effect

by Sylvia Loehken


This book is intended to consider intros, extros, and centros next to each other in their strengths, interests, and obstacles in dealing with one another. Our reality is the mixed team: in relationships and in family, with friends and colleagues, bosses, and employees. You will learn about the differences, strengths, priorities, and needs of intro- and extroverted people – and you will know what it meansto be a centro. Learn what the differences mean in daily life and how Intros and Extros can deal with themselves and others. From sports and learning, to communication and managing, to selling and status communication.

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“It is often said that whoever wants climb the career ladder to the very top has to puff up in front of the right people. Not quite true: introverts also have careers and take on leadership roles – when they use their perceived weaknesses for their own benefit.” —Spiegel Online

"Introverts and extroverts have their own strengths and disadvantages. They can truly benefit from each other when they complement each other in teams – or get married." — Wirschaftswoche

"Quiet people are often underestimated – although quiet people like Angela Merkel and Barack Obama have made it to the very top. Expert Sylvia Löhken explains what’s different in the brains of quiet people, how they make themselves heard, and why quiet colleagues are “treasure chests." —

When the boss turns into to a steamroller "Some are impulsive, impatient, and spontaneous; others remain calm on the outside more successfully in hectic times – Extroverted and introverted bosses march to different beats. Tips on how to deal with the boss and what you should never do."—Handelsblatt

“Some never pipe up, even though they have a lot to say, and others never keep mum, even if it would be better for them to listen at times. In every company employees with different temperaments clash, and due to their external representation, misunderstandings and sometimes conflicts occur. Sylvia Löhken gives, in her latest book Intros and Extros, answers to the question of how quiet and not-so-quiet people think and act beyond all clichés, and shows what their strengths and weaknesses in the business environment are and how they can be best supported." -

Author Biography

Dr. Sylvia Löhken is a highly in-demand coach and speaker who specializes in how introverts and extroverts can work together. She is convinced that introversion and extroversion are a highly relevant diversity topic. After receiving her Ph.D. in linguistics, she worked for 10 years as a manager in Germany and Japan.

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  • Pub date: February 2014
  • 9783869365497
  • Germany
  • Hardback
  • Pages: 360
  • Readership: General
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  • Original Language Title: Intros und Extros
  • Original Language Authors: Ger
  • Copyright Year: 2014
  • Dimensions: 23,0 x 15,6 cm
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