The Posture Doctor

The art and science of healthy posture

by Paula Moore

There is something about today's sedentary lifestyle that makes it difficult to have good posture and those with bad posture worry about looking unattractive - they often develop early arthritis and premature ageing and as a result, feel much older than their years. Written by a self-confessed posture addict with experience helping thousands correct their untreatable posture, The Posture Doctor is your blueprint to perfect posture and to slowing the effects of ageing. Discover posture-changing habits and practical advice including: How to suppress your pain -and get off the pain killers, how to identify your posture type, how to think yourself healthy, how to avoid syndromes - and discover the arthritis con, how to stop brain fog and how to ooze posture confidence and more.
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“It was a good morning. I found you. I watched some of your videos. What’s so good about that? Here it is… I have been suffering with shoulder pain for months. I’m not a guy that runs off to the doctor at the first sign of pain. In this case, I finally went. “Here,” he said, “take this prescription.” I woke up this morning and immediately went into my erect, head back posture. No pain. This is the second day. Something as simple as that, Paula. I’m telling you that I suffered for months with this shoulder pain and in a few minutes you corrected it. My doctor was going to feed me a steady diet of pain pills and muscle relaxants. I have been pain free all day because of you. You have made a believer out of me. Your presentation style makes a viewer want to watch to hear what you have to say about the topic. I thank you again and I will follow you and your videos until the day I check out.”

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