The NLP Professional

Create a More Professional, Effective and Successful NLP Business

by Karen Moxom

The NLP Professional is about considering the field of NLP as a professional one. It is about making connections between your actions as a practitioner of NLP, and considering how these could possibly impact upon your business and the professional field of NLP, which is still in its infancy. The NLP Professional is about looking at NLP from a different perspective – it is about chunking up and considering NLP as a field of practice; applying perceptual positions and some of the useful tools and techniques we have learned to the field of NLP, and collectively accepting responsibility for taking NLP to the next level. This book will question some of the current practices in the field, and challenge whether these are ultimately useful if the desired outcome is to raise the profile of NLP and create a profession which has credibility, respect and recognition, and can stand proudly alongside other helping professions.
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