The Marilyn Scandal


Sandra Shevey is a 72 year old megastar interviewer and film feminist whose bestselling revisionist biography of Marilyn Monroe has been reissued via Sandra Shevey Books.  The ebook, published in 2007 when rights were reverted, contains a new cover, an udpated introduction and an appendix of personal letters from those interviewed (all with Sandra`s personal notations, observations and queries)


Whereas under Fair Use many other Marilyn Monroe biographers have culled from Sandra here you will be able to read the full text of interviews with those long deceased.


Sandra knew all the principals interviewed personally and is thus able to make distinctions between lies and truth.


The biography is riveting, compassionate and insightful.


All rights available.


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Author Biography

Sandra Shevey is a feminist-revisionist megastar interviewer who runs an Alfred Hitchcock Tour around London daily.  Her sound archive of interviews with over 500 major 20th century icons rivals the BFi and moreover the archive was compiled singlehandedly.


Sandra Shevey is looking for a commision on a book about Alfred Hitchcock.  She also wants a pro bono venue for the Sandra Shevey Museum of Popular Culture.


Sandra is selling a CD Ten of the Best which includes sound bites from interviews with Hitchcock, Jane Russell, Ray Bradbury, Phil Silvers and others.


She is also selling a DVD of 30 mins about 4 heritage London street markets..trailer at



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