The Investigations of Sherlock Holmes


It is over a century since Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance, and readers throughout the world still clamour for more of his exciting adventures. We are happy to announce that seven stories from the despatch-box of John Watson, M.D. have recently come to light. In them you will meet such characters as the Reverend Nathaniel Flowerdew, vicar of Great Mowl; Professor Hendricks and his aquarium; the Right Honourable Robert Bonnington Smythe, once expected to become Premier of England; and the man in the red flannel waistcoat who was at both ends of the street at the same time. ‘My mind is like a racing engine, tearing itself to pieces because it is not connected up with the work for which it was built,’ Holmes said of himself in his darker moments. In these stories the engine is fully engaged and at full throttle as Holmes brings all his daring and intelligence to bear on the puzzle of the Quiet Crescent, the case of the Apprentice’s Notebook, and other mysteries in this collection.


"There are bad pastiche writers, there are good pastiche writers and there are brilliant pastiche writers such as David Stuart Davies, June Thomson, Hugh Ashton, Mike Hogan etc. Now, we must add to the list of brilliant pastiche writers the name of John Heywood for this collection of stories is straight out of ‘1895, hansoms and gas-lit streets’. There is no filler here, each story is a gem and the author’s control of his characters and their dialogue is well nigh indistinguishable from the work of ACD. Yes, I know that kind of thing pops up in many reviews, but trust us, this is probably the finest Holmes short story collection to appear in many years, perhaps seventy-six years. Yes they are that good." The Baker Street Society

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