The Handbook of Alternative Assets

Making Money from Art, Rare Books, Coins and Banknotes, Forestry, Gold and Precious Metals, Stamps, Wine and Other Alternative Assets

by Peter Temple

Alternative assets offer a proven means of diversifying your financial portfolio away from the volatility of the markets. In the past, investors have looked to property, hedge funds or private equity to accomplish this - but the safety and high returns they sought there have perished in the wake of the 2007-2009 financial crisis. As an antidote to this, experienced investment writer Peter Temple here introduces those tangible, and often portable, assets whose returns are impressive but whose value is not so subject to unsustainable bubbles or precipitous collapse.Including everything from fine wine and rare books to stamps, art and diamonds, these alternative assets can serve as a store of value in the good years as well as in troubled times. Often with restricted supply they offer real security of value. And, though their value is concentrated in capital growth, their liquidity is often impressive; and their aesthetic appeal enduring.A detailed overview of each sector is presented, including:- the size and shape of the market, and its key historical and modern trends- collecting areas and portfolio strategies for investors of all sizes- the degree of volatility or cyclicality in the market, as well as its liquidity- the long-term returns that can reasonably be expected based on the past- whether or not there are tax advantages available- how best to buy and sell, and through whom.The book also provides extensive directory resources for where to go for more information - and where to start investing - with each tangible investment area.This comprehensive and authoritative book shows investors and their advisors how they can use tangible assets as a means of diversifying a portfolio and securing wealth for the long term. It is an essential handbook for anyone interested in making rare, valuable and often beautiful possessions a part of their investment strategy.
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