The Five Futures Glasses


Awarded Most Significant Futures Work 2014

Many problems in management and in life result from people's different views on the future. People subconsciously assume that everyone understands how they think and talk about the future in the same way as they do. They assume that everyone is wearing the same 'futures glasses' which often causes misunderstanding, frustration and failure. The five futures glasses described in this book make it easier to see and understand more of the future. 1. The blue futures glasses: assumptions about the probable future of your environment 2. The red futures glasses: possible surprises in your environment 3. The green futures glasses: opportunities to create a better future 4. The yellow futures glasses: vision of a desired future 5. The violet futures glasses: planned future and for your actions. Future management is the bridge between strategic management on the one side and futures research on the other side. It describes the totality of all systems, processes, methods and tools for the early recognition and analysis of future developments and their inclusion in strategies.

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If leaders and managers are to learn anything from the years of crisis it is that they must develop future thinking skills. The Five Futures Glasses provides essential, exciting and effective ideas, techniques and tools for learning about the future in the present. This book is much needed!’ Jeff Gold, Professor of Organization Learning, Leeds Business School.

'The Eltville Model, with the five futures glasses, is the most comprehensive and integrated model of strategy development using the perspectives and tools of strategic foresight that I know.' – Dr. Peter Bishop, Associate Professor of Strategic Foresight, University of Houston

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