The Fire of Change

It‘s never too late for a better life

by Rainer Biesinger


Face your Fears, live your Dreams Rainer Biesinger is one of the most xtraordinary coaches in the scene. Biesinger tells an exciting, sometimes depressing story. Room in the air for excuses for why one cannot change one’s life gets extremely thin when you come from so far down. Biesinger’s eloquence, his image-richformulations, and his message, which is a very real concern for him, are unique. In his book, Rainer Biesinger confronts his readers with the chaos of their own past. In light of relentlessly honest reflection, which equally shocks and fascinates, he makes it clear that it is never too late for a successful new start in life. With clear, direct words he pulls the reader from his lethargy and identifies the main reasons that prevent people from being happy, and formulates solutions that everyone can adapt for themselves. With his lucid and direct manner, the ex-rocker and former drug addict meets the reader as a coach at eye level, who knows what he‘s talking about. An innovative mix of counseling and autobiography for all those who are dissatisfied with their lives and finally want to change something. 1. An innovative mix of counseling and autobiography 2. An emotionally gripping life story that shows how to defeat your own demons.

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“Rainer Biesinger is outwardly a vigorous rocker, and inside he has a good heart in the right place. An exciting life from the bottom up and a bold language. I like him, his way, his message!“ Dr. Björn Migge, coaching bestselling author “An exciting, sometimes shocking, and very disturbing journey into the depths of addiction. But also a book that gives hope through an honest, merciless self-reflection and a lot of common sense. An encouragement and a great read. Walter Kohl, life style “When one reads or hears him, don’t expect a Sunday sermon. He plots a revolution, the revolution against all forms of foreign rule. The Fire of Change is a must for anyone who wants to turn his back on his old life.“ Dr. Stefan Frädrich, motivation expert and founder of Gedanken tanken “Rainer Biesinger made it!“ SAT1 “His eyes have seen a lot – Rainer Biesinger knows life like no other.“ REGIO TV “His authentic tone is encouraging! Unorthodox is probably the best vocabulary word that can be connected to Rainer Biesinger.“ Schwäbisch Media, Inc. “I want you to face the challenge to take absolute responsibility for your unique life.“ UNITED NETWORKERS

Author Biography

Rainer Biesinger has developed from an extremely talented self-destroyer and underdog to a unique personality coach in just a few years. For 18 years, Biesinger has lived alcohol- and drug-free, leaving violence and his drug career behind. The Heavy Metal Coach® shows with his own history, that it is always possible to radically and actively change one’s life. Human chaos is his expertise. The Heavy Metal Coach polarizes and provokes. He is humorous, disarming, entertaining, thought-provoking, and sometimes even breaks taboos.

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  • Pub date: March 2015
  • German
  • 9783869366302
  • Pages: 200
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished
  • Dimensions: 23x15,6 cm
  • Illustration: Illustrations
  • Series: Your Life