The Final Page of Baker Street

The exploits of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John H. Watson, and Master Raymond Chandler

by Daniel D. Victor


"When misadventure led a schoolboy in London to employment at Baker Street, few could have guessed where his introduction to Sherlock Holmes would lead. But as the lad matures and he finds himself caught in the middle of a murder investigation, his friendship with Holmes and Watson lures him into the role of detective. “Billy” documents his experiences, and soon his sleuthing skillsnot only bring him to another murder, but also lay the foundation for his metamorphosis intoa famous mystery writer, the novelist the world now knows as Raymond Chandler. “Master R.T. Chandler,” Sherlock Holmes addresses the newly hired boy. “I prefer the American way of saying names,” the youth replies, “—just Raymond.” “What you prefer doesn’t matter,” Holmes counters. “Here at 221 we call all the pages ‘Billy.’” "


"The Final Page of Baker Street by Daniel D Victor concerns the last ‘boy in buttons’ toserve at 221B before Sherlock Holmes’s retirement.Although like his predecessors he’s known as‘Billy’, he is actually a rather unruly adolescentIrish-American pupil at Dulwich College. His nameis Raymond Chandler, and he has literaryambitions. Add murder, suicide, Colonel Moran andYoughal of the CID, and you have an exciting,intelligent, literate mystery.” The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Author Biography

Daniel D. Victor is a retired high school teacher who lives with his wife and two sons in his native Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Fairfax High School, he earned his BA at UC Berkeley, his MA at California State University, Los Angeles, and his Ph.D. in American Literature at the Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, CA. His doctoral dissertation, THE MUCKRAKER AND THE DANDY: THE CONFLICTING PERSONAE OF DAVID GRAHAM PHILLIPS, led to the creation of the Sherlock Holmes pastiche THE SEVENTH BULLET. Originally published as a Thomas Dunne Book by St. Martin's Press in 1992, it was reprinted in paperback by Titan Books, UK, in 2010 as part of its series, "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," and is soon to be translated into Russian. The novel's first two chapters also appeared in Cold Mountain Review, Appalachian State University. In addition to his writing, Victor has won numerous teaching awards including an independent study grant offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities as well as admission to two NEH summer seminars, one at UC Berkeley, the other at Oxford University in Oxford, England. Victor's second novel, A STUDY IN SYNCHRONICITY, is a murder mystery with a two-stranded plot, one of which features a Sherlock Holmes-like private detective. Victor's most recent Sherlock Holmes pastiche, THE FINAL PAGE OF BAKER STREET, presents the youthful American crime writer, Raymond Chandler, as a pageboy at 221B Baker Street. As part of a trilogy Victor calls "Sherlock Holmes and the American Literati," he is currently working on two other Holmes pastiches, one involving Stephen Crane and the other, Mark Twain. At the same time, he is also writing a novel based on his early years of teaching.

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