The Detective, The Woman and The Silent Hive: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes


The mysterious death of Irene Adler's bees leads to a consultation with Sherlock Holmes and the discovery of a sinister connection to a case many years in the past. When this threat imperils the safety of everyone the detective holds dear, he and The Woman are forced to use every ounce of their ingenuity to save their friends.


"Amy Thomas isn’t the first to make Irene Adler the focus of a series, but the way she develops the woman’s relationship with Sherlock Holmes is particularly appealing. As The Detective, the Woman and the Silent Hive opens, Irene brings Holmes a problem: her bees have died, and she wants to know how and why. The mystery, rooted in the detective’s past and involving far more than the silence of the bees, is presented alternately from her angle and from his.” The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

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