The Curious Ones


For more than fifteen years, Isabelle has been tormented by guilt over the disappearance of her youngest daughter. If only she’d been at the school gate to meet her. If only she hadn’t been so engrossed in her painting. If only … But now there’s a granddaughter. In the hope that this new baby may heal what time, drugs and doctors never could, Isabelle drives the length of France to meet her. On the way she stops in a quiet patch of woodland and comes across a small child who looks like, but surely can’t be, her lost daughter. The girl vanishes. Perhaps. And Isabelle gradually becomes convinced that unknown forces are at work, in which case her granddaughter may also be in danger.


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Reviews for Gretel and the Dark
'Powerful, heartbreaking, heart-racing, terrifying . . . It is impossible not to find yourself racing through the pages.' The Times

'Atmospheric and beautifully written. Gretel and the Dark will be one of the best books of 2014.' The List

'Dark and intriguing . . . a highly clever, original book.' Daily Mail

'Ambitious and enticing.' Independent

'Truly beautiful writing. Read this book.' Guardian

'A back-and-forth tale of secrets and imagination, a thoroughly engaging journey into the darkest corners of humanity.' Publishers Weekly

'As dark and twisting as the Black Forest . . . forbidding, secretive, richly historical, this is a gripping novel that will leave you guessing until the end.' Historical Novel Society

'This combination of history, mystery and fairy tale makes for engrossing and irresistible reading - right up to the ultimately redemptive final twist.' Bookpage (US)

'Grips and shakes the reader from beginning to end. Like so many fairy tales, nothing is what it seems and attention must be paid for the greatest rewards.' Gilmore Guide to Books (blog)

'Extraordinary. Granville's writing and world building are beautiful.' The Mountains of Instead (blog)

Author Biography

Eliza Granville is the author of Gretel and the Dark, published in 2014 by Hamish Hamilton and Riverhead (USA), and also Until the Skies Fall, The Tor, The House in the Riddle, The Dark Domes of Utopia and The Crystal Singers of Iphicles. Her work appears in several anthologies. Her main writing interests lie in the relationship between memory, stories, and the imagination. Eliza Granville was born in Worcestershire and now lives in the Welsh Marches. She has had a life-long fascination with the enduring quality of fairytales and their symbolism, and the idea for Gretel and the Dark was sparked when she became interested in the emphasis placed on these stories during the Third Reich.



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  • Pub date: July 2017
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  • Pages: 35
  • CentreHouse Press
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  • Edition: First
  • Copyright Year: 2017
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    Copyright (c) 2017, Eliza Granville.