The Arthur of the Italians

The Arthurian Legend in Medieval Italian Literature and Culture

by Regina Psaki (Editor), Gloria Allaire (Editor),

This is the first comprehensive book on the Arthurian legend in medieval and Renaissance Italy since Edmund Gardner’s 1930 The Arthurian Legend in Italian Literature. Arthurian material reached all levels of Italian society, from princely courts with their luxury books and frescoed palaces, to the merchant classes and even popular audiences in the piazza, which enjoyed shorter retellings in verse and prose. Unique assemblages emerge on Italian soil, such as the Compilation of Rustichello da Pisa or the innovative Tavola Ritonda, in versions made for both Tuscany and the Po Valley.
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  • Pub date: April 2014
  • English
  • 9781783160501
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  • University of Wales Press
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  • Series: Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages (ALMA)