Success through Willpower

How to get more of what you want

by Hans-Georg Willmann


Willpower has the greatest impact on a successful life of all possible factors If you want to improve your life, willpower is your new friend. Numerous studies have shown: Compared to other factors, willpower has more influence on professional and personal success than intelligence. Willpower is more crucial for leadership success than charisma. People who use their willpower wisely, live happier and healthier. They make more money, their relationships are more stable, and they realize more of their dreams. Willpower has the greatest impact on a successful life of all possible factors. The wise use of your willpower makes the difference between success and failure – in almost every area of life. Our willpower is not really a trainable ability, but rather a limited resource that we can protect from exhaustion and use purposefully. The dilemma with the willpower is this: we need willpower in order to have a strong willpower. Hans-Georg Willmann explains in his new book how to solve this dilemma. With many practical tips, checklists, and stories we discover step-by-step how we can develop our willpower. With this book, we will do and get more of what we want. Citing scientific and psychological sources, and including a self-test for the reader, as well as 12 Spirit helpers, this book is a great resource. This book is for all who believe that they lack in talent, intelligence, or charisma.

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Since 1998, Hans-Georg Willmann has worked as a psychologist and coach. He advises people in professional change processes and crises, and helps them to achieve their goals. He is the author of numerous successful counseling books on the topics of “Professional Development” and “Career.”

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  • Pub date: March 2015
  • German
  • 9783869366388
  • Pages: 190
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished
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