Spiritual Encounters with Unusual Light Phenomena:


by Mark Fox (Author)

Spiritual Encounters with Unusual Light Phenomena: Lightforms is a study of unusual light phenomena based on almost four hundred unpublished accounts of modern-day encounters with strange lights collected over approximately thirty years. With echoes within the popular field of spiritual, religious and paranormal experience this book explores lights encountered during angelic experiences, near-death experiences and after-death communications. However, it goes much further and attempts to show that experiences of such unusual lights are cross-cultural, trans-historical and reported widely in the present day. By drawing on a large number of vivid, previously unpublished and dramatic testimonies this book demonstrates that experiences of light phenomena share to a remarkable degree a common core; typically manifested at times of crisis, overwhelmingly benign and loving, often resulting in ‘turning-points’ in the lives of those who experience them toward new spiritual and creative directions.
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  • Pub date: June 2008
  • English
  • 9780708321577
  • United Kingdom
  • Hardback
  • Primary Price: 75 GBP
  • Pages: 224
  • University of Wales Press
  • Publish State: Published
  • Series: Religion, Education and Culture