Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game


Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game is an interesting new collection of the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. It is unique in combining the style and intrigue of Holmes and Watson stories with the developing technology of turn-of-the-century Victorian England. Written in the original Strand Magazine style and told by Holmes’ companion, Dr John Watson, these previously untold tales unfold with wit and humour. Although conveyed in the classic Holmes style, these adventures see the pair involved in tracking down a lost Shakespeare manuscript, illusions, railways, airships, kidnap of animals, and people, testing of alibis, coded messages, advanced communications and electric weapons. Holmes applies his highly developed powers of deduction to whole new fields of understanding, and the stories deftly mingle fiction with facts and events of the day.


"In 2012 I recommended Sherlock Holmes at the Breakfast Table by LFE Coombs, and I’m happy to recommend his second collection of shortstories, Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game (MX Publishing; The puzzles are ingenious, and the solutions likewise. The historical detail is just right, and, though the proof-reading could be better, the tales are enticingly told.” The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Author Biography

Leslie Coombs is a true polymath whose interests include the writings and work of Conan Doyle, and he is a self-confessed Holmesaphile. He has a keen interest in the social and technical history of Victorian Britain and has extensive knowledge of military weaponry and ergonomics, and of naval, military, aviation and transport technologies. In addition to his writing of books and articles for magazines, he has written extensively on aviation and steam locomotion and he is an editor and publisher's reader.

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