Shadow of the Piper


The Pied Piper still plays his tune, and in his shadow, many fall.

When a disturbed teenager arrives at the Pittsburgh Rescue Mission, Cali turns things upside down by claiming to know “secrets” about a young evangelist’s shadowy past. The deranged girl lures Jesse Berry across the country only to slip away after they reach their destination. Hamlin, Montana, is not the quaint mining town it appears to be. Something sinister moves below the surface—the youth are at risk—and someone there wants Jesse dead.

A few years back I was doing a book signing at a local book store.  It was that day that I learned about a horrific quadruple murder that shocked my community.  As the details emerged about the murderer’s involvement in the occult, I was reminded that these activities are perpetuated by a culture of secrets. It is my heart’s desire to reach those lured into this lifestyle. Why? Because I was once one of them and I know the collateral damage it can cause.

Shadow of the Piper won Gold in Foreward Reviews 2013 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards for Adult Fiction-Religious and was named a Finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Contest for two categories—General Fiction/Novel (under 80,000 words) and Second Novel.

Author Biography

Author, L. P. Hoffman, is a Wyoming native whose imagination was primed at an early age—from her grandfather’s tales about Buffalo Bill to the mystique of Western lore. In her transient childhood, she witnessed the dark side of Caribbean culture and survived war in the Middle East. As an adult, the author has traveled the world and moved among Washington insiders. L. P. Hoffman values unique perspectives and believes that culturally relevant stories born of life experiences are the ones best told.

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