Selections from Ystorya Bown o Hamtwn

‘Selections of Ystorya Bown o Hamtwn’ provides edited selections, together with an introduction, notes, and glossary, from a long and entertaining thirteenth century Welsh text which belongs to the genre of medieval translations. The source of Ystorya Bown is the Anglo-Norman Geste de Boeve de Haumtone. This was a very popular tale in the Middle Ages and was translated not only into Welsh, but also into Middle English and Old Norse, and, via an English intermediary, into Early Modern Irish. The story allows fascinating insights into the heroic Christian mentality and world view of its audiences.
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  • Pub date: July 2009
  • English
  • 9780708321713
  • United Kingdom
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  • Pages: 125
  • University of Wales Press
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  • Series: Library of Medieval Welsh Literature