Sashka the Snow Princess and All the Creatures of the Frozen North


Sashka is a lonely snow princess living in a brave and barren place, far far away, near the tundra by the glass mountains below the flying comets near the Arctic Circle. The creatures of the frozen north notice she is bored and lonely so they try to make friends. Polar Bear take her fishing, Arctic Fox plays hide and seek in the ice-palace. But Sashka stays away from the palace and falls into the icy sea. All her adventures build up some very funny some frightening but her freinds are real and there for her. This pictuers book written and illustrated by Hilary Roper has patterned borders around each illustration similar to the traditional Russian fairytales. It is for ages 3 to 8 years-has phonetic blending in parts - and a poem at the back which lifts the reading age to 11+.

This glossy hard-back has full colour illustrations which are intricately detailed with sohpisticated patterning amidst the frozen lace on the trees of ice. It is fun yet teaches children in a subtle way to make friends and help them; Sashka being quite an an energetic and full of fun character. Publishing due in July 2015

Author Biography

Hilary Roper is a well established author and illustrator of children's books having sold 'Surtsey the Cat' in Harrods and Selfridges, and the set from her first book 'Macfaddion's Finest Hour' was recommended by Prince Charles to go on exhibition with The National Trust: Sotheby's having valued the set highly. 

Hilary Roper trained at Lancaster College of Art and Design and Leeds UNiversity and has been reviewed in the national press The Guardian.

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