Rocking Your Role

The 'How To' Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners

by Jenny Garrett

This book goes beneath the surface of what it means to be the Female Breadwinner. Jenny Garrett, award-winning coach, shares her personal experience and that of 8 other women, on how to have a successful family life and career. The book contains a series of interactive transformative exercises drawing from the world of coaching and psychology and will support personal and professional development for all individuals. Find out: where your guilt button is and who is pressing it, what you love about being breadwinner that you were afraid to admit, how you tackle the thorny subject of money, and how to cure yourself of Superwoman Syndrome!
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Jenny Garrett charts the rise of the female main earner (ME) in her highly engaging exploration of female breadwinners. That a fifth of women in the UK now earn more than their partners is significant, yet we hear little about this. Garrett’s book illustrates why this is something we should celebrate, and yet we are resistant to do so.This book is an invaluable and inspiring source for those who will, either through choice or by chance, embark on this exciting route. She offers advice and space to reflect and challenges one of the modern day taboos.

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