Recent progress and new developments in post-combustion carbon-capture technology with reactive solvents

Globally, the capture of CO2 from industrial flue gases has become a critical environmental issue; therefore, the need for R&D in cost-effective CO2 capture technologies is urgent. Currently, post-combustion carbon capture is the only industrial carbon emission management technology that is ready for commercialization and wide-scale deployment. The purpose of this book is to provide designers and operators of amine solvent-based CO2 capture plants with a comprehensive guide to the fundamental chemistry and physics of CO2 capture plant operation. This book is the culmination of more than 20 years of fundamental research on amine solvents and their application to carbon capture, and the technologies and research results described in this book represent some of the leading carbon-capture technologies in the world to date. Overall, this book provides both the theoretical basis of plant operation in terms of thermodynamics, transport phenomena, chemical reaction kinetics/engineering, membrane separation, interfacial phenomena and materials, and will be of great value to engineers, scientists and decision-makers working in academia, industry and government.
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