Quiet Impact

How to Be a Successful Introvert

by Sylvia Loehken



30 - 50% of any population are introverts. Sylvia Löhken helps quiet persons find their strong points – and she shows ways for both introverts and extroverts to achieve the best in their joint efforts and collaborations. With their own means. And with all the differences.
Advice literature on the subject of communication is usually based on the „Extros“. This book takes a different approach: It helps  introverted persons to find their own strong points as well as typical obstacles in communication. What’s good for quiet people? What makes them successful? How can people show silent presence: at
work and privately.

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“It is fortunate Sylvia Loehken wrote this book about success and career strategies especially for the quiet people.” Emotion

“Löhken’s book does not pressurize introverts to change. Her approach is much more useful: emphasize your strengths, and be aware of your challenges.” Financial Times

“For so long we have been taught that bigger is better, brash is best and shouting the loudest gets you the goods. But there has been a shift in the zeitgeist towards a more measured approach and with it comes the rise of the introvert. Sylvia Loehken’s book, Quiet Impact, looks at 10 strengths that introverts display as well as helping extroverts to understand their quieter counterparts” Woman’s Way

Author Biography

Dr. Sylvia Löhken is a highly in-demand coach and speaker who specializes in how introverts and extroverts can work together. She is convinced that introversion and extroversion are a highly relevant diversity topic. After receiving her Ph.D. in linguistics, she worked for 10 years as a manager
in Germany and Japan.

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  • Pub date: January 2012
  • 9783869363271
  • Pages: 288
  • Readership: General
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  • Dimensions: 23,0 x 15,6 cm
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