Once Bitten

An inspirational read that will take you to one of the last great frontiers, the mighty Mt McKinley, and an expedition that not only challenged a team of British Mountaineers both physically, mentally and morally, but a trip that nearly cost them their lives. This book takes you on a journey through life changing decisions, both on the Mountain, and on Nigel's long road to recovery after sustaining severe frostbite. His steely determination to battle through the aftermath of what can only be described as an epic expedition, put his life back together and go on to enjoy such fantastic Adventures despite his disability is an inspiration to us all. Rob Edmonds - Mountain Spirit Once Bitten is not just another 'climber gets stuck on mountain but survives to tell the tale' book. The gripping accounts of the summit attempt, realisation that something is going horribly wrong and the rescue are all there, but the other half of the book is all about the journey Nigel has made since those events in 1999 - the other mountains he has climbed and his refusal to disappear into the crevasses of self pity and helplessness that appeared along the way. By sharing his experiences he provides food for thought and hopes he can help others. As he says dramatic events may mean expectations have to be moved but they don't have to be lowered. We should all remember that life is for living. Carolyn Budding - Terra Nova Equipment Nigel's story was filmed as part of the 'Alive' series by Darlow Smithson Productions for Channel 4 / Discovery Channel.
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