Neo Nature

The Secret of your Natural Power

by Christo Foerster


Discover your natural power! We humans are part of nature, but our behavior is anything but natural. We hardly move, eat industrially prepared food, and always want to optimize our lives. Darwin already knew that not the perfect, but the best-fit individual will take the lead. To live healthily, happily, and successfully, we need neither a gym nor the perfect life plan. All we need is within our very own nature. Christo Foerster puts human nature at the center of the book, and questions a large part of our learned behavior. He compresses the secrets of a healthy life to 9 Power Roots for more satisfaction and success. He shows us how we can improve, with simple measures, our physical behavior, our food, our relationships with ourselves and others. Neo Nature is a fascinating inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. It frees us from our perfectionism-delusion, the success myth of the „higher-fasterfurther“ and makes us rediscover our natural potential. The pressure to be fit and healthy, even to be perfect, is increasing. Neo Nature frees us from this. Neo Nature goes against the illusion of perfection and the alienation of our natural resources. Neo Nature is an inspiration for healthy self- and life-leadership. As a bonus, the book offers a 4-week plan for the transition into a more natural life.




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“Christo Foerster looks back thousands of years without losing the here and now and while also keeping the future in mind. He can change you completely, in a positive sense.” Axel Chur, Head of Talent Management, OMNICOM Media Group Ltd.

“I often have the feeling that we are mentally over-stimulated in the modern workplace and physically under-stimulated. This imbalance is where Christo Foerster begins. This is wonderfully contemporary.” Dr. Michael Kendzia, labor market expert

“Christo Foerster has really impressed me deeply. To physically and mentally affect individuals with such a great impact with few and simple means is incredible.” Cécile Hoeborn, Bild der Frau

“I feel like most coaching methods are insincere. Christo Foerster manages to approach topics such as personal development or leadership in a very authentic way.” Dr. Matthias Marquardt, sports medicine

Author Biography

Christo Foerster has a degree in Sports Science, is a systemic business coach, and a speaker. He is the founder of the Natural Coaching Academy where he teaches people how body and mind work together. He trained in Ethiopia with the long-distance runner Haile Gebrselassie, learned from the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, and worked with the French Fitness philosopher Erwan le Corre in the Brazilian jungle. Before Christo Foerster founded the Natural Coaching Academy in 2011, he worked as an editor and director of sports for the magazine Fit for Fun. In addition to his work as a coach, he is now also the Editor-in-Chief of Men‘s Fitness.

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  • Pub date: February 2015
  • German
  • 9783869366296
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 176
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Published
  • Dimensions: 22,5x14,8 cm
  • Illustration: Pictures, Test
  • Series: Your Life