Negotiation Mastery


Evil dolphins, the discovery of Viagra, the negotiating tactics of Genghis Khan, words of wisdom from Val Doonican's mum, how to set up your own cult and a love affair with a crocodile - just some of the stories used to illustrate the principles involved in becoming a negotiation master. Most inexperienced negotiators and many experienced ones believe that, whilst in theory win-win is the best approach, in practice it can be too soft and leaves you open for the other side to take advantage. This book introduces the Strong Win-Win Method which resolves this dilemma and enables the reader to successfully pursue mutually beneficial solutions, confident that they will not be bullied or tricked. This highly readable book de-mystifies negotiation and will give you a clear structure and process to follow. Written in a direct "How to..."style, it outlines techniques and tactics - right down to the level of 'If they say x, you say y'. Drawing upon cutting edge research in the fields of psychology, body language, neuro-economics, game theory and systems theory it will give you advanced bargaining skills and beyond, on to mastery. And enjoy the read. Inside the book, you will read about famous negotiations from business, politics and international diplomacy as well as many of those less serious vignettes. Who knows? You may just end up starting your own cult!


In short, an interesting read, packed with takeaways, anecdotes and action points. There should be something for everyone to learn from in this handy little paperback. --HR Magazine The thoughtful negotiator will find much to reflect upon in these pages. Recommended. --The Negotiator Magazine Horton gives practical advice on how you can get the best deal from any situation either in the office or in your spare time. Book of the Month. --Director Magazine, Institute of Directors

Author Biography

Simon is a Negotiation Skills expert, having taught hostage negotiators, senior purchasing officers for some of the largest global manufacturing companies and solicitors at the most prestigious law firms in the world. He is a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College, University of London, and has worked with many tier one banks, pharmaceutical and oil companies. In his spare time, he is a trapeze artist and used to perform as a stand-up comedian. He is also the trustee of AID2, which provides negotiation skills to charities. He lives in London and one day expects to stand on the moon.

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