Mason's Magic Adventures


Adventurous ten year old Mason goes on his Magical adventures with his family and friends. You can join Mason at the Magic Circus, in the Jungle, along the Magic Sea in China and in the Magical Universe. In this book there are four exciting adventures, along with the playbook of Games for children to play with their friends. Ten year old Mason visits the Magic Circus. Every year the Magic Circus would appear on an island where Mason's Aunt and Uncle stayed. The Circus Tents would appear in the morning and disappear after a week. Forests were places of great adventure and fun for ten year old Mason. He just loved to go with his Father who was an Explorer into the forests of Africa and the Amazon. Every year ten year old Mason would go to stay with his Aunt, Uncle and cousins who lived beside the Magic Sea in China. Every year Mason goes on a vacation with his family into Space. Mason and his family arrived at the Space Station on Mars Welcome to Mason’s Playbook with Games for children from 5 to 11 years. There is a good collection of games from adventures with an Explorer, to Jungle adventures with Tarzan and Phantom, to Cowboy adventures with the Wild West Cowboys, to Space adventures with Outer space Explorers and Superhero adventures.

Author Biography

Warren Brown is an Author,Publishing Consultant,Poet,Copywriter, Life Coach and Internet Marketer.Warren is an Anglo-Indian(mixed race, British-Indian) and lives in London with his wife. Warren has written the "Mason's Adventures" book series for children. Warren is working on two novels at present.Warren Brown has published books on Internet Marketing,Poetry, Life Coaching,recipes, short stories and the Anglo-Indian community.Warren believes in Miracles and the Power of the Individual to make a Positive difference in the world today. 

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