Madame Missou has a quick wit


How to be confident in any situation!

Perhaps your downright silly question was revealed as
such, and you wish the ground would just open and
swallow you whole? Or maybe someone spoke to you in
an impertinent manner, and you were simply left speechless
in anger? Enough with that! I’m quite familiar with
situations like these – and I also know just how you can
really leave your mark. In this book, I’ll reveal to you all of
my best tricks for having a quicker wit.

Author Biography

Madame Missou is perfectly at home in the heart of a big city.  A part-time-working mother, she’s got everything firmly under control – the household, her two children, and her husband too.  And over a café au lait with her best friend at lunchtime, she can muse about her homeland.

Madame Missou practically knows everyone in the neighborhood – and she always has exciting stories to tell!  At her small corner café, Madame Missou, the proprietress is a constant presence... and no customer leaves empty-handed.  A petit-four, a pleasant chat, some good advice, and always a friendly ear – which is something that her girlfriends certainly appreciate as well!  Madame Missou’s appointment calendar is chronically jam-packed.  Whether at her café or a restaurant, shopping or doing yoga, Madame Missou is rarely alone.  And, of course, her children need their mother’s attention too – so it’s no wonder she’s sometimes just a bit overwhelmed!  Most of the time, though, her hearty laugh can be heard charming one and all!


Madame Missou understands me!  She gives me advice for my everyday life, on matters like chaos management and multitasking – yet she also spurs me to think about the overriding issues that concern me:  How can I become more self-confident?  What path will lead me to find more inner balance?  What can I learn from my dreams?

And the best thing is that Madame Missou meets me at eye level.  Her life experience means that she’s not easily rattled, and I benefit from her pragmatic view of things. She serves as both a friend and a motherly guide; she not only provides conversation fodder amongst our circle of friends, but would also count as a gift for my mother, aunt, and best friend.  Basically, we’d all love to be a bit like her – both feet planted firmly on the ground, actively shaping her own future, enthusiastic, honest with herself and with others… and always ready for a laugh!

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Bibliographic Information
  • Pub date: September 2017
  • German
  • 9783869367897
  • Germany
  • Hardback
  • Pages: 100
  • GABAL Verlag
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished
  • Copyright Year: 2017
  • Copyright Information:

    Copyright © 2017 GABAL Verlag GmbH, Offenbach

  • Dimensions: 12,2 x 16,5 cm
  • Illustration: Illustrations