Sometimes the only difference between despair and resurrection is kindness

by Ria Frances

In 1942, as Europe suffocates under the grip of Nazi terror, Anna Levinsky a young Jew, is incarcerated in the ghetto of Theresienstadt. Striving for survival in abominable conditions, during the unveiling of adulthood, Anna's improbable fate hinges on the mercy of others. In the early, wintry days of 2010, sixteen-year-old Theo Drew emerges from a family tragedy trailing a corrosive secret. When guilt threatens to overwhelm him, Theo flees to a deserted woods beside the sea, seeking oblivion. As Anna and Theo’s worlds inadvertently collide and a delicate friendship severs the barriers between age and experience, the truth and the past unravel, revealing the essence of human salvation.
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“An emotional read. It is as if Ria has actually gone through those tragic events that unfold. This story would pull on the hardest of heart strings, and should be up there with the greats!” L D Callow, Mac the Knife

”Events in Inflicted form an important part of human history that should never be forgotten. This book needs to be read and shared, and then, shared again. Ria Frances captures you from the start with her powerful storytelling, which will leave you feeling every emotion possible. Inflicted is a must read!” Ryan Mark, Author of Tremor

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