Hunted is an action-packed continuation of the Twins’ story, which first began in Ripped Apart (Matador, 2016). 

Tullia learns about survival in the bush when she is taken hostage and later saves a youth’s life during a hunt. Adopted into a Bushman family and the tribe, her presence stirs disparate feelings amongst the young men and women, a mixture of awe, desire, fear and hate. 

Living a very different life, Qwelby, Tullia’s twin, is deeply shocked by the violence on Earth. As he is rescued by his four best friends from the Pit of Despair, he experiences his first feelings for Tamina, a girl he has known for years. Feelings which become much stronger for another girl he tries to help during a violent attack from his own world as he and Tullia seek to restore their telepathic link. 

Forming a connection with the twins during the attack, the girl, Xaala, is charged by her master with monitoring their attempts to mentally reconnect – and to prevent them. Xaala is torn between her mixed feelings for the twins and obeying her orders. 

Meanwhile, on the planet Vertazia and in secret, Quelby’s family and friends build what they hope will be the first ever inter-dimensional transport. On a short test run, the village where he is staying is discovered. When Quelby finds out he is being watched, he flees from the village... 

Hunted is a gripping sci-fi adventure that will appeal to those looking for an inventive re-imagining of the traditional coming-of-age story, and fans of the ‘Quantum Twins’ series.

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Bibliographic Information
  • Pub date: June 2016
  • English
  • Publish State: Self-Published