Hardworking women work, clever one‘s move up the ladder

How Women can take the Lead

by Barbara Schneider


Women have become ever more prevalent and necessary in the professional world in recettnt years, thus creating the very best career possibilities. But men still get the better jobs. Unending high performance is the name of the game for many women. In order to have a career, it takes more than diligence and performance. Effective self-marketing combined with networking skills are almost a requirement today, and especially in professional life – whether you‘re employed or self-employed. Schneider‘s book is a guide for ambitious women for everyday work situations, with many practical hints and tips for women and men in politics, economy, and culture. Good performance has to be supplemented with good self-promotion. It is not enough to be good – you have to consistently ensure that the right people know you are. Women often suffer from „Sleeping Beauty Syndrome“: they secretly hope that their skills and performance will eventually be discovered. The image of the busy bee is no good for women, therefore aim to be the last one at the bar instead of the first in the office. It is really the informal meetings that are the true communication and information sources.

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“Barbara Schneider‘s book is wonderfully practical and true-to-life. In this book, many different people have their say, experienced men and women who report on their success stories.” - existenzielle.de “The author is an expert; she knows how to keep women happy. She sustains curiosity and focus from start to finish.” - managerSeminare

“How women can become leaders Practical tips for climbing the ladder to the top. Barbara Schneider’s whimsical advice “better to be the last one at the bar rather than being the first in the office“ is meant in absolute seriousness. Any women who want to climb the career ladder must show up on the office stage at the right time and ensure that the right people learn from their good performance.” - Welt am Sonntag

“What types of people actually make it in their career of choice? It's not only a question of ability. An advancement to the top of a large company does not fall into one’s lap. This is especially true for women. For young professionals, it often unclear for a long time how to get on the right track for a career. There is no schedule for the “great career”. And promotion decisions are not always transparent.” - FAZ

“Gentlemen, we can do that, too. In the cult series Mad Men, men were smoking, drinking, and posturing themselves all the way up the career ladder. Well, those were the 60s. Today, however, there are really worthwhile strategies we (women) can learn from the opposite sex. Coach Barbara Schneider examines the job tricks of men and explains how women can successfully score by applying these strategies.” - PETRA

“Women on the executive floor Competent women in the office is fine and dandy, but women on the board? The ex-manager Barbara Schneider has heard such sayings quite often. In an interview, the author speaks about male power games and cat fights in leadership.” Spiegel Online

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  • Pub date: February 2009
  • German
  • 9783897499126
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 224
  • Readership: General
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