Högt Fall

Rueful Revenge

by C T Karlsson


When two people accidentally bump into each other, a whole load
of memories come flooding back.

Memories that have been carefully hidden away in the depths of one's mind and will now impact everyone's life significantly.


A father of two is reported missing to the Falkenberg police, an investigation is initiated and to start with it everything is pointing towards him disappearing voluntarily, i.e. that he has left his wife and child of his own free will. Early one Sunday morning, in what looks like an accident, a deceased man is found by the foot of the lighthouse at Morups Tånge. In a sailing boat in the harbour, the owner of Glommen Marina discover something awful and all of a sudden, Chief
Inspector Kajsa Rudolfsson and her colleagues have two tragic
deaths to investigate.
Chief Constable Raúl Morales soon he has his hands full and
Crown Prosecutor Ylva Isaksson is once again an integral part of
his daily life. For better or for worse. The staff are also aware that
the whole police organisation is being restructured, so the
atmosphere at the office is somewhat apprehensive. Morales has
quite a few decisions to make about the future and none of them
is easy.

Rueful revenge is the second part of CT Karlsson's crime trilogy
called Falkenberg murders.

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"The book is easy to read, the author tries to throw the reader off the scent with one red herring after the other, which keeps the reader intrigued and interested. The brutal murders are in sharp contrast to Kajsa's safe and comfortable family life. Author CT Karlsson really manages to capture the rich essence of the main characters and an idyllic spot in Sweden." - Swedish Library Association

Author Biography

CT Karlsson was born in Stockholm in 1965.

She grew up in both Stockholm and Mexico, but nowadays she lives with her husband and their pets and horses in the picturesque village of Glommen, on the west coast of Sweden.  

Prior to her writing career, C T Karlsson worked with business development, coaching, diving and geology.

Her main recreational interest, which takes up most of her spare time, is western horseback riding.

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Bibliographic Information
  • Pub date: May 2017
  • Swedish
  • 9789198343878
  • Sweden
  • Hardback
  • Pages: 279
  • Bokförlaget SOL
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Series: Falkenberg Murders
  • Series Part: 2