Every Child Needs a Mentor

There is something missing in the way we educate and support our children at present and I believe it's mentoring! The purpose of "Every Child Needs a Mentor" is to engage and inspire those who support young people to use the ideas in this book to empower our children, their peers, families, and communities; so they can ALL benefit from the power of mentoring. Inside you can discover: how to help students get the best out of their time in education, how to effectively engage with youth of today, how to enable young people to experience the bigger picture, how to develop an award winning mentoring programme. Whether you are a parent looking for help, a teacher looking for inspiration or a child looking for guidance - I encourage you to read the heart opening stories, compelling testimonials, powerful case studies and mentoring insights in this book.
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I was captivated by Herman from the first time I heard him speak about his vision of helping children who the education system is failing. This is no pie in the sky social dreaming; Herman’s work is based on experience and solid achievement. When he speaks about what’s happening to the young people who need help in our education system, you hear a truly authentic account of unnecessary despair and you hear the voice of someone who knows how to make it better. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of this work; if it can be made available more widely it will have an almost unimaginable transformational impact on our society.

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