Enacted Mathematics Curriculum

A Conceptual Framework and Research Needs

by Thompson, Denisse R; Usiskin, Zalman

This volume is an outgrowth of the Conference on Research on the Enacted Mathematics Curriculum, funded by the National Science Foundation and held in Tampa, Florida in November 2010. The volume has the potential to be useful to a range of researchers, from established veterans in curriculum research to new researchers in this area of mathematics education. The chapters can be used to generate conversation about researching the enacted mathematics curriculum, including similarities and differences in the variables that can and should be studied across various curricula. As such, it might be used by a curriculum project team as it outlines a research agenda for curriculum or program evaluation. It might also be used as a text in a university graduate course on curriculum research and design._x000D_ _x000D_ The chapters in this volume are a natural complement to those in Approaches to Studying the Enacted Mathematics Curriculum (Heck, Chval, Weiss, & Ziebarth, 2012), also published by Information Age Publishing. While the present volume focuses on a range of issues related to researching the enacted mathematics curriculum, including theoretical and conceptual issues, the volume by Heck et al. provides insights into different instrumentations used by groups of researchers to study curriculum enactment.
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